3 Best Male Enhancement Creams for Instant and Solid Erection. Personal Use

Sometimes I need a quick erection. This is critical when the moment comes, and you know there will be sex now. But what if the penis is not ready and takes time to get a hard erection? Long foreplay or erection problems can ruin everything.

That’s why I now use an instant erection cream. Thanks to it, I can now always get a long-lasting erection, sexual desire, and stamina in sex. I can’t imagine how I dealt with my erection problems before.

I constantly thought that my erection would quickly subside and that my penis was about to slip out. I could not relax during sex and tried to complete it as soon as possible. Continuous torment, disappointment, and depression. It wasn’t like that before, but I’m already 40, and the loss of testosterone is inevitable.

I wasn’t going to give up and began to study the topic of natural male enhancement.

In this video, I will share my experience with different erection creams and help you choose the best one based on my experience. I will compare the pros and cons of each, discuss the result and share my findings and impressions.

At the end of the video, I will tell you how to get a discount on the product you like. Be sure to check back for all the discounts and coupons I found.

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My problem

Weak erection, the inability to get it quickly, the fading of erection power right during sex – these were the real problems that made my life unbearable, and I began to look for a solution.

I have tried many devices(pumps, extenders), supplements, and natural male enhancement exercises, but there were no quick results.

Finding and buying a cream is my ambulance

I heard about erection creams on a male forum where guys discussed natural male enhancement products. Then, I realized that this method would suit me best.

I went to different sites like Amazon, did a Google search, and found dozens of different options, but what do I know about their quality, effectiveness, and safety? What if I buy some harmful cream, and my penis is redder?

It can be some incomprehensible substance with a strange smell, taste, and color. Does it even wash off? I’m afraid to use this.

That’s why I started reading male enhancement forums and listening to real customer reviews of specific products. As a result, I learned about the best erection creams from customers – they are trusted and proven to work on the same principle. Remember these 3 brands: Prosolution Gel, VigRx Oil, and Male Extra Erection Gel.

How to use male enhancement creams

You must apply the gel to the penis before you want a good, strong, long-lasting erection. It will occur instantly due to a rush of blood to the penis, and no one will know about its use. After all, it does not leave any traces – not sticky, not greasy, etc.

The most famous products on the market are Prosolution Gel, VigRx Oil, and MaleExtra Erection cream. What is the difference? Which one is better? What is the effect? Is it safe to apply these creams on the penis? I decided to test each of them and ordered one tube of each. The products can be ordered online with worldwide delivery.

How does it even work? Apply the cream and grow a penis?

I studied in detail how creams work. By applying the gel, all formula ingredients quickly penetrate the skin to the penis and stimulate blood flow to it immediately. They are absorbed instantly and cause a solid erection. I found many positive reviews about these products and selected them for purchase. But how does it all really work? Watch this video until the end, and you will know the truth.

#1. Prosolution Gel

money back guarantee:
Special offer:

I’ll say that this product suits me best. It really has no color or smell. It is transparent and not sticky at all. I applied it to my penis strictly according to the instruction – I rubbed it into the skin with soft massage movements along the shaft of the penis.

It’s very similar to the most common lube I use to moisturize my penis, but it works directly on getting and keeping a strong erection.

And everything really happens quickly and naturally. The penis began to grow, and I felt strong arousal. An instant sexual desire woke up, which usually occurs in me after long stimulation.

I experience this when using a penis pump, but it’s expensive, and I’m not comfortable using it for a quick erection.

I used it just before sex and felt the kind of erection that I had in my 20s, but not in my 40s. And what is so simple? I studied all the ingredients; they were natural extracts and herbs no synthetic components.

I got the maximum erection the first time I used it. I didn’t know if I could have oral sex after using the cream, but my girlfriend didn’t notice that I was using the cream. It was absorbed completely and very quickly. It was a fantastic effect.

My penis was not sticky, and the cream was odorless and tasteless – everything was natural. She didn’t notice anything. And, to be honest, the skin of the penis began to look better after applying the cream due to its nutrients.

Prosolution Gel Pros:

  • it has no taste or smell, and its use is invisible to your sexual partner
  • it really causes a quick erection naturally without the use of pills, without pumping
  • it lasts for a long time. You need to apply quite a bit
  • the cream is really inexpensive, unlike supplements
  • Using the cream for several months, I improved my erection. Now there was no need to apply it too often.
  • the cream is completely natural and produced by a well-known company that has been making similar products for many years
  • buying a cream. You get a money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with it
  • the cream is sent anywhere in the world, and there are no problems at customs. This product is approved for use
  • the effect lasts from 15-45 minutes, as I noticed

Prosolution Gel Cons:

  • The gel in the tube is not very convenient. If you tighten the cap badly, it can be smeared in your pocket, for example
  • you need to apply it well and rub it into the skin of the penis. It may not be as convenient as with oil, which is quickly applied and absorbed faster – if you plan to have sex for more than 1 hour, it is better to apply it again

How to buy Prosolution Gel

Available on the manufacturer’s website. You can order just one tube on-site if you want to try it. But since this product is very famous and proven, I still recommend ordering at least 3 tubes and using them for several months to get a sound effect.

At the same time, you save significantly by purchasing a larger volume at once. You can be sure that you will use it all the time, so it is better to save money and buy several at once. I have it in the car, in the pocket of a backpack, in the bathroom, and even hiking – in a jacket.

#2. VigRx Oil

The product worked exactly as advertised, and I have no complaints about its quality or effectiveness.

I was impatient to use another product from this company VigRx Oil. It looked different and had different properties and ingredients, and some men on the forums wrote that it suited them more than other products of this kind.

Every man is unique, and what works for one does not always work for another. You have to try and see what works best for you. And even then, we can say this product is better for you. In my rating, Vig Oil is in second place as its formula was not as effective for me as Posolution Gel.

Buying just one month of a product subscription is the best decision.

How to use VigRx Oil?

The substance also has no taste, color, or smell. It is completely invisible and, it seems to me, is absorbed even better than the Prosolution Gel. An erection occurs quickly and lasts a long time. Despite a different formula and ingredients than Prosolution Gel, it worked for me anyway. True, it seemed to me with the Prosolution Gel, my erection was stronger, and my sexual desire was higher.

That being said, I can safely say that this product works to enhance erection, and I am satisfied with it.

VigRx Oil Pros:

  • perfectly absorbed
  • there are no side effects
  • you only need to apply a little, which means it lasts for a long time
  • after application, the skin of the penis becomes more pleasant to the touch
  • the erection lasts a long time and reaches its maximum very quickly
  • sensitivity during sex improves

VigRx Oil Cons

  • not as compact as the gel
  • I always washed my hands after using it, as it is intended to be applied to the skin of the penis, not the hands – VigRx Oil does not give
  • such an effect as a gel, although it is easier to apply

VigRx Oil ordering

Available on the manufacturer’s website at the best price. It is ideal to order at least 3 tubes to use for at least a few months. And I do it daily to stimulate an erection.

The forums include:

My verdict: this product is definitely worth considering. This is an effective formula, it really works, and I want to note the quality of the product itself and its positive effect.

It lives up to its expectations and may work better for you than a gel. Be sure to order at least the minimum package to try it and see the effect. This is a natural formula, and you can be sure of the result.

#2. Male Extra

I did not see an opportunity to order a cream separately on the Male website extra. There is only an opportunity to buy tablets with a cream (when ordering a 3-5 month subscription). And this is a good option, as long-term pills really improve your natural erection. A gel is a way to get a quick erection.

The product is based on pomegranate extract. Its properties allow you to increase erection and naturally improve sexual activity. This is a unique product, and it has been on the market for many years. The formula itself is known for its effectiveness, and the product for its natural composition.

What is in Male Extra Erection Gel?

Its properties are fully consistent with the declared—approximately the same effect as the use of the other two products in my rating.

Somehow the tube fell from the shelf to the floor and was damaged. I just had to throw it away, as the packaging was broken. This upset me. I only used it once and didn’t use it again because it was impossible to store it in its original packaging. Therefore, I give this gel the 3rd place since, after using it, I got quite a strong erection. But I could not use it anymore, and the tube itself was very bulky and uncomfortable to carry in my pocket.

I should note that a lot of time has passed since I ordered the tablets and the cream, and the manufacturer has updated the packaging design. So perhaps it has become more reliable and more convenient. Tell me about it if you try.

Male tablets Extra to restore erection along with the cream, and I know it works. But apparently, the manufacturer has not thought of everything about the cream.

Male Extra Pros:

  • using Male Extra is a joint program (tablets + gel). Works great
  • the gel has a unique formula based on pomegranate. This is a certified product. No one can repeat this formula – the effect corresponds to the declared

Male Extra Cons:

  • the original design of the gel tube did not suit me. It is bulky, did not close well, and I was not able to use it more than once
  • the manufacturer does not allow you to order the cream separately. It can be obtained free of charge when ordering at least 3 months of using Male tablets Extra

My verdict

Male Extra is one of the most popular erection enhancement formulas. It is presented in the form of tablets and gel, and the program of use itself implies their joint use. This can be uncomfortable for those who did not intend to take pills to increase erection. The product generally left a positive impression, except for the unsuccessful packaging.

It seems to me that the manufacturer has already realized his mistake and released a new design. You can get this gel for free, and it’s a cool option. I take pills to increase my erection, they last longer than a cream, but the effect is longer and more natural.

Penis pumps are no longer a panacea

I always used a penis pump to get an erection. Now, it was not necessary. Why all this if you can apply the cream and immediately have sex?

The erection was strong throughout the entire intercourse. I was completely satisfied with the result. I didn’t think Prosolution Gel stimulates sexual desire and stamina much during sex. You can be sure that the erection won’t weaken at the most inopportune moment.

I began to use the cream constantly and bought a few more tubes in order not only to solve the problem with a quick, solid erection but also to improve it on an ongoing basis – this is a declared function on the manufacturer’s website. I also took a VigRx Plus supplement for 6 months to improve the results.

General conclusions from the use of creams after 5 months

Today I use Prosolution creams Gel and VigRx Oil regularly and daily. Even if I don’t plan to have sex, regular use stimulates a natural erection and strengthens its strength.

If before using my erection, it was never maximum, even without using the cream, it can be. This is an effect that I noticed, it significantly improved the quality of sex when my penis remains in the vagina throughout the intercourse, and my partner sees what excites me.

Immediately after applying the cream, I see a powerful erection that does not subside during intercourse. My libido, sexual desire, and desire increase. All this is necessary for good sex.

Now it has become a lot in my life. Of course, I started working on myself, went to the gym, ate right, and took ViG pills Rx Plus and Male Extra by the month. I want to improve my erection naturally and am satisfied with the intermediate result.

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