Bathmate Penis Pumps Review(All Series), Comparison and Results

It may seem to some that all Bathmate pumps are the same and may differ in size. But in reality, this is not the case – the differences are serious, and each series(Hydro7, HydroMax, HydroXtreme).

In this video, I will try all 3 pumps and discuss the differences in detail. I will show how to use each of them and the difference in use.

The functions of all 3 pumps are different:

This is Hydro7 – the good old Hercules. That’s what it was called before the rebranding. This is the very first and most successful pump from the first series since you will not find the second Goliath even with a new name.

Hydro7 is the cheapest pump and 35% less efficient than the other two newer series, HydroMax and HydroXtreme.

It doesn’t have the comfort insert like other pumps, so you can’t wash it properly, and it’s not as comfortable. The new comfort insert on other pumps is very soft and effective for penis pumping.

Also, with Hydro7, you can’t close the valve by switching the black pip. Because of this, in order to draw water into the pump in the shower, you just need to keep this pip pressed and then remove the finger – very inconvenient.

Well, the 3rd very serious difference is that this pump has only one size. This means it is suitable for men with a penis length of 5 to 7 inches.

Now let’s move on to Hydrmax – there are already several sizes of pumps in this line – 3, 5, 7, 9, and WideBoy(for girthy users).

Main differences from Hydro7:

  1. HydroMax is 35% more efficient than Hydro7 – more comfortable, functional, convenient, and efficient
  2. It has a Comfort Insert, which makes pumping more comfortable, more efficient and allows you to take care of the pump
  3. It has 3 positions for opening and closing the valve. Left-right – close, center – open. It is very convenient to work with us
  4. Price – Hydromax costs more than the Hydro7, but not by much
  5. You can choose pumps from 3 to 9 inches, and there is also a WideBoy version for men with a penis circumference over 6.5 inches

I recommend buying this particular pump, although it costs more at $169 for the 7″ version. At the same time, you get a much more functional and convenient pump.

Now about HydroXtreme and its differences:

  1. This pump can be used as a HydroMax if you do not connect a manual handball to it
  2. At the same time, the mechanism for closing and opening the valve is the same as HydroMax, left-right-closed, center-open
  3. Connecting a handball is an additional opportunity to increase the vacuum. This is important when you are already an experienced user, so I recommend using something other than a handball for beginners. But if you plan to pump long, I recommend taking this Bathmate pump.
  4. the 4th difference is that the Hydroxtreme pump is the most expensive in the line for obvious reasons. It has a handball, there are additional sizes
  5. You will find additional accessories in the HydroXtreme kit: a case with a combination lock, a cleaning system, a towel, Jelqing liquid, a shower strap

All 3 Bathmate series of pumps can be used in the shower and the bathroom without a difference. You can even use them outside the bathroom if you need to. You can also use them without water, but why do you need this?

Now for the accessories – you can buy the HydroVibe and Shower strap and use them while pumping. HydroVibe helps improve circulation and is a pleasure to use. And the shower strap is comfortable to use in the shower.

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