Andropenis GOLD Comfort User Review: Does it Really Work? My First Results

Andropenis GOLD Compfort is the most famous and proven penis extender all over the world. More than 1,000,000 men have officially bought it. It is unique both in its technical properties and in the quality of the results obtained. The product is patented in many countries of the world, it is recommended for use by thousands of urologists.

In this video, I will talk about my user experience testing this device for 30 days. I have a lot of similar devices in my collection and I have something to compare Andropenis with . I will tell you

  1. About your impressions of using the device
  2. About the technical characteristics and content of the package
  3. About my results from using
  4. About Usage Program
  5. About how I set up the extender for myself
  6. Compare it with peers
  7. I will answer frequently asked questions (is it safe to use the device, are there any side effects, what traction to use)

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Device Features

So, first of all, I want to note the visual impressions of the device. Rods, and tension screws are gold. No, of course it’s only 24 carat gold plated – but this design is impressive and you understand you will use a very cool device. Moreover , the rods themselves, which need to be tightened, are aluminum and without spraying. It looks very cool and is very easy to use.

Andropenis Gold Comfort is the package that was given to me for review. It is produced by Andromedical, a well-known company on the market for many years. The quality of the materials from which the extender is made is at the highest level. This is medical steel and plastic, and everything is thought out to the micron. You immediately trust this device.

Its appearance is classic, but this is only at first glance. For me, as an experienced user, details are important. I really liked the idea of fixing the ends of the silicone loop in special holes on the back of the support piece. Yes, it’s just brilliant. What I just don’t do with other extenders is cut, and twist the ends of silicone tubes. Everything is thought out here and, believe me, you will appreciate it with many hours of daily use.

I want to note the weight of the device – this is important when you wear it, any excess weight is a load on the penis. The lighter the device , the longer you wear it. Andropenis is very light and compact, you can’t see it in pants at all. Moreover, the weight of the device is also affected by what the rods are made of. In extenders like Jes Extender they are heavy metal. So the total weight of the device is significant. Andropenis achieved very good performance in terms of device weight.

At Andropenis, the bars are made of aluminum, they are almost weightless. I also want to note that I have not seen such several rods of different lengths, even non-standard ones, in any of the analogs of this device. In the package, you will find 20 different rods. You can tune it with perfect precision.

When working with extenders to stretch the penis, it is important:

  1. Have you configured the device correctly – your user size, thrust
  2. How long do you wear it every day
  3. How long do you use it per month
  4. Don’t you allow peretnerirovaniya
  5. Do you experience any discomfort while wearing the device?

I’m impressed by Andromedical’s own developments. In addition to standard silicone tubes, this extender also includes custom-designed silicone tubes to hold the head of the penis.

Special comfort pads are called Androbend – they are packed in a special bag and rammed. They must be opened and waited until they take their final shape to be threaded into silicone tubes. They are very soft and comfortable.

I also want to note Andoring – this is a special silicone pad in the form of a soft ring. It must be put on exactly the place where the silicone loop will come into contact with the penis. Between the head and the skin of the penis. It is in this place that chafing occurs due to wearing.

Androring perfectly protects the head of the penis from contact with the loop and provides proper comfort. You need to use the pads on the loop in combination – on the Androbend silicone loop , on the Androring penis . And so you can wear the extender for hours.

Specifications and equipment

Device length 8 cm or 3.1 inches. The device has all the necessary quality certificates. Medical device class 1. It offers thrust up to 1600 gr.

The set includes rods of different lengths – large, medium, small and smallest. Bars are sufficient. There are 4 Androcomfort in the kit at once band , it includes several silicone tubes of different designs at once. Also 2 Androring. support piece .

Penis extenders in my collection, but I still have a penis growth margin and I am glad that I was able to test Andropenis and get results even after a month. I know what the result depends on and what progress is. I used the standard penis stretching program, which provides for a period of adaptation and active use.

It is pretty standard and I wore the device for no more than 2 hours a day and the first progress is a growth of 0.3 inches was already a month later and touched the penis in a relaxed state. This result was important for me, as it spoke about effective dynamics which can be developed.

As for official research. Then they say that you can increase your penis in length by 6 cm ( 2 inches) and in width up to 3 cm (1 inch). The maximum thrust of this extender is 1200 gr. In fact, this load is sufficient, although in the advertising campaigns of other extenders figures up to 4000 grams appear. But I know for myself – it is impossible to withstand such cravings.

To be specific in the question of the program of use – try to stick to the one that comes in the instructions. But know that if you can’t wear it for as long as it is recommended there, don’t worry, I myself can’t stand that much after years of training.

This is more of a guide than a custom program. Just try to start slowly, don’t pull too hard and don’t wear the extender for too long. Frequent breaks, massages and monitoring the condition of the penis. Remember – you only get results when you don’t feel discomfort, but you feel a pull.

Reading the forums , I noticed that some users did not see the result after a month of the routine according to the official program, while others saw the result even using 2 times less traction. Understand, everything is individual here. If you want to know if this extender works – my answer is of course yes, this is my experience and thousands of other men and clinical studies.

How to customize your extender

This is detailed in the instructions, I’ll just make an announcement. You need to measure the user size for the extender to use it correctly. user size is calculated according to the formula – measure your penis and subtract 4 cm from the length of the erect member. The device itself is 8 cm long or 3.1”. You can also increase or decrease the tension by removing the tension screws after you put the extender on your penis.

Even though the device itself looks very similar to SizeGenetics, Jes Extender and aka ProExtender, there are many differences: this is the own design of the support base for the head of the penis with grooves for fixing the loop, a non-standard design of silicone tubes, a special soft silicone ring, rods made of light material and with a large number of sizes. A device like Andropenis is much more functional and more precise than other classic extenders .

Remember that for penis enlargement it is not enough to use an extender, you definitely need a newbie routine which consists of penis exercises that you do yourself. Meaning Jelqing. Also, you should not forget to strengthen your erection. I recommend ordering pure dietary supplements for erection growth directly on the Andromedical website –

Andropenis is a quality-tested and recommended penis stretching device. Use it for your daily routine and you will be able to achieve significant results. And according to clinical studies published on the device’s official website, you can count on a significant increase in the penis both in length and width.

I definitely recommend that you buy such a device. It is advertised less than others, and you should know that good things do not need special advertising. Follow the link in the description to buy the original device with a guarantee and at the best price.

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