Penis Pump Results I Achieved(Before/After Pictures). Penis Pumping Techniques

I finally decided to buy a penis pump, urgently needing to restore an erection. I started researching the subject the same way you are now – just reading the forums and author blogs of men who have successfully used penis pumps.

I read various studies to understand that all this is not a lie about restoring an erection. Once again, I will formulate what goal I have set for myself: not just to make an erection for sex quickly, but to get rid of the problem with erectile dysfunction.

Moreover, studying the possibilities of penis pumps and pumping in general, I learned that with the help of the Bathmate water pump, you can not only get rid of erection problems but also make your erection much larger. Yes, I’m talking about penis enlargement in an erect state.

Since I have a thin penis, I was most interested in penis enlargement.

Reading the forums, I learned that there are not only air pumps but also water pumps(Bathmate pumps). I decided to buy some of the most famous ones(Hydromax, HydroXtreme, Hydro7). Initially, I had a regular air pump, which came as a gift with the purchase of a Quick Extender Pro. Yes, I decided to buy an extender as well. Since I am making a strategy for natural penis enlargement, I must not forget about it.

The forums claim that the following bundle works:

  1. Penis pump
  2. Penis extender
  3. Penis exercises

I realized that the point is precisely in the strategy and goals you set for yourself. If I can enlarge my penis naturally, I will use it.

So, before me was the choice of penis pumps:

  1. Which air pump to choose?
  2. Which hydro pump to choose?

I have identified several pumps for myself to buy:

  1. Bathmate HydroXtreme (can be used as Hydromax with automatic pumping or HydroXtreme with manual pumping). It turned out 2 pumps in one.
  2. Androvacuum Premium – the FDA has approved this pump, has passed all possible certifications, and is recommended by doctors for use.
  3. Penomet is a copy of Bathmate, I didn’t know about it before I bought it. There were a lot of messages about it on the forum. I saw a lot of criticism and ordered it. A few months later, I discovered it was no longer for sale.
  4. Standard air pump with nozzles and manual pumping

So, I already had one pump, and then I ordered 3 more and spent $879 on it. I got one pump for free in the Quick package. Extender Pro.


First, I looked for information about clinical studies of pumps that would prove their effectiveness. I found a study from the University of Tehran called “vacuum treatment”. It proved the effectiveness of such pumping to restore an erection.

The study involved 37 men. They used the pumps 3 times a week for 6 months. At the same time, the level of satisfaction with the result for men was 30%. That’s why pumps are so popular.

However, using an air pump does not give any significant long-term results. Those. Androvacuum Premium is the first air pump that, with constant use, has a positive effect on maintaining a good erection. There is a usage program, it is in the package with the device. Among the air pumps – this is the best. In this article, I will explain why air pumps cannot be as efficient and safe as Bathmate water pumps.


On many sites with reviews, and forums, you can find hundreds of conflicting reviews from men. For some, the pump brought an improvement in erection. Someone complained about side effects, someone found the use of the pump ineffective.

It’s all about how pumping affects each man. After all, we are all different. It also depends on the choice of pump and its technology, the routine used and the goals set.


Improving erection – both air and hydro pumps are suitable here. It’s all about the side effects. You must be very careful with the air pump because excessive use can lead to unpleasant consequences. It’s all about the direct action of the tissue vacuum of the head of the penis.

At the same time, Androvacuum Premium can be effective. Many men are satisfied with using air pumps when they do not need to draw water into them and bother with it.

It improves erection without side effects and unpleasant sensations. Here, the Bathmate water pump is definitely the best choice. It’s all about pumping technology. When water is drawn into the tube, it maintains a vacuum and distributes it along the entire length of the penis.

This, in turn, helps to evenly stretch the tissues of the penis and increase it in an erect state. In addition, water smooths out the consequences of tissue ruptures in the penis during stretching.

Yes, you heard everything correctly. Under the action of a vacuum, the tissues stretch and tear, and in their place, there is an additional new tissue, scar tissue. It is she who helps to create additional length for the penis. More blood comes to the penis, filling all the reservoirs, making the penis visually larger and the erection much stronger. This is the penis enlargement I am talking about.

About your goals

Of course, I was interested in the following set:

  1. Erection improvement
  2. Increased erection and its duration
  3. Improving sexual stamina
  4. penis enlargement
  5. Improving excitability
  6. Increase in sex drive

Jelqing penis enlargement techniques .

4 pumps – my experience

So, I decided to share my experience of using each pump. I had to choose the most comfortable and correct option for myself. When forming a strategy to achieve my goals, I immediately decided which pump should suit me – Bathmate HydroXtreme.

In doing so, I wanted to make sure I was making the right choice. I collected information for a long time and did not even immediately understand what else, besides restoring an erection, I wanted from a pump. So, I tried, I saw, and I was convinced.

To make my story convincing, I have added photos of myself with each pump to this article:

How do I prepare it for use?

  • How I used
  • What were the results before and after with measurements

So my first air pump

Description: this is a manual pump where you control the pumping yourself. To create a vacuum, you have 3 nozzles for the size of your penis. Using the right tip ensures a good seal and vacuum. You determine the strength of the vacuum. I do not recommend this pump for beginners, as they cannot figure out what level of vacuum to use to be effective but safe.

In general, I must say that using a manual penis pump is not for beginners, and I do not recommend that they buy such a pump as the first to use.

So here are my results before and after using this pump. I concluded after using it that I was in pain during the pumping and had to experience an unpleasant sensation to achieve a result. The erection after 10 minutes of pumping was short. In addition, side effects were observed.

Then I tried Androvacuum Premium the second time after using the standard air pump for a couple of weeks. It was already an automatic air pump with penis rings to hold an erection. To use it, it was enough to press a button. It was battery-powered, the vacuum was pretty smooth, and you could always press the button again to stop the pump.

Also, the second button could quickly throw off the vacuum. I immediately felt the difference between an automatic and a manual pump.

And I also saw a quality device. I lubricated the head of the penis before use and followed the instructions. After a couple of minutes of the pump, I saw a strong erection, which inspired me to use Androvacuum Premium for a whole month until I ordered Penomet. Here are my results before and after using the Androvacuum Premium pump.

#3 . Penomet

This was my first hydro penis pump. I read about it on the forum. I thought for a long time about which pump to choose – Penomet and Hydromax from Bathmate, and I decided on Penomet. That was my fault. When I received the pump, I saw a few extra gaiters in the bag, but I had difficulty using 4 of the 5 gaiters, which I did not do to fix one.

The idea was that initially, you use one gaiter – this is one pressure, then the second, and so on. Those. You start using a different gaiter when you get used to the pressure during the pumping process. The idea is good, but I did not see the difference between the gaiter.

Now this pump is no longer for sale, and I understand why. It was an unsuccessful copy of the Bathmate pump. Some levers did not work normally at the top, where the pressure valve is located. I was constantly depressurized, water flowed out, and so on. Those. I couldn’t use it properly no matter how hard I tried. Therefore, I can’t even share the pictures, I tried to return them but couldn’t.

#4. Bathmate Hydromax 7

So, my 4th pump was exactly what I was looking for and even more. You can see my before and after photos. This is really a fantastic hydro penis pump that I have used both before sex to get a quick erection and to strengthen erections in general.

I used Bathmate Hydromax regularly for 15 minutes a day in the shower, in the bath or just sitting on the bed watching TV, but I just put a bowl where I dumped water when I was pumping. This pump can be used as an air pump. But the feeling is not the same. Probably suitable if you are somewhere on the road and urgently need an erection.

After a month of using the pump, I noticed a slight increase in the penis in an erect state. It inspired me to do more than get rid of erectile dysfunction. I started reading the forums about Bathmate and found the important points for me:

  1. Jelqing techniques to improve penis enlargement results
  2. It is advisable to use a penis extender such as Quick Extender Pro to increase penis length and width

I immediately ordered an extender and found good video tutorials on Youtube on Jelqing techniques . A new process of learning techniques and wearing the extender has begun. By the way, this required up to 2 hours daily. But the results were swiftly fast. After a month of working with the extender and pumping, I began to see the growth of the penis and I was not going to stop.

After 6 months of such daily labor, I increased the penis by 2 inches. Throughout this time, I have been working on my penis enlargement strategy. At the same time, my erection became the same as in my youth. I was quickly aroused, constantly wanted sex, and my erection was stronger. Long and high-quality sex, how can I wean from this?

Now about choosing a Bathmate pump

Please note that Bathmate offers 3 series of pumps – HydroMax, Hydro7 and HydroXtreme. If you’re looking to save money, get the $119 Hydro 7 pump – it’s a good opportunity to get a high-end water pump. At the same time, by paying another $ 30, you can buy a more modern pump with the new Hydromax technology.

This is a good investment. At the same time, Hydromax is 35% more efficient than Hydro 7. And HydroXtreme is the most advanced pump that works in both automatic and manual mode. You can always increase the pressure when you feel that you are already used to the current one.

My results after using for over

1 month results with HydroXtreme

2 month

3rd month

6th month

1 year of HydroXtreme pump usage


My photos look more than convincing for this article, you can see that I actually used them to get a good erection. At the same time, I did not immediately know that you can also increase your penis. If I am already pumping to restore erection, why not go to the next level and get rid of all problems with sex? A small penis is a problem that I have long resigned myself to. But my girlfriends told me over and over again about the lack of length and width of the penis. I couldn’t enjoy sex knowing my partner wasn’t happy with me.

Bathmate pump radically changed my sex life and filled it with quality sex, new acquaintances, and confidence in my masculine powers. If you haven’t chosen a pump to buy yet, I recommend choosing HydroXtreme. You need to decide on the tube size and choose the one that fits your penis size. Choosing the right pump size will determine the pumping efficiency.

Order Bathmate HydroXtreme’s official website

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