Andropeyronie Comfort Review: True Facts, Features and Results

Choosing the right effective and safe penis straightener is difficult. Today, almost every penis extender on the market offers either its own penis straightening package, a separate device, or guarantees the effect of both penis enlargement and straightening.

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In this review, I want to talk about the Andropeyronie Comfort from the famous Andromedical laboratory. You can read about this penis straightening device on penis-straightening forums. There are a lot of success stories that I show in this video.

Today I will talk about its features as a user. You will learn how to set up and use Andropeyronie effectively and what results can be achieved.

First of all, I want to say that this is a classic device that uses silicone tubes to hold the penis head and aluminum bars to adjust the tension level. As with any classic device of this type, Andropeyronie has tension screws that can be adjusted while wearing the device to fine-tune the traction level.

Andropeyronie Comfort Design

It should be noted that Andropeyronie has an unusual support piece for the penis glans. It immediately has 7 holes for a silicone tube. Also, the silicone tubes have a non-standard format called Androcomfort.

Although the package also includes basic silicone tubes, you choose which ones to use. The support piece is designed specifically to hold the curved penis.

The backside support piece has special channels to hold the ends of the silicone tubes. Very convenient and practical.

Not to mention Comfort pads and Androring are two elements of comfort accessories. Androring, you put it right under the penis head, where it will contact the loop . And the loop itself is threaded into the Comfort pad . They are very soft and in this design, with such accessories, you can wear the extender up to 2 hours in a raw.

The Andropeyronie includes rods of different sizes – large, medium, small and extra small. The set is extensive and you can always precisely adjust the desired length, making using the extender especially effective.

With multiple holes for the silicone tube, you can choose the most comfortable way to wear it, taking into account the curvature of the penis. It can be in different directions with different degrees. Hence, using holes at different distances makes the device very functional for those suffering from Peyronie’s disease.

This is what sets this device apart from other Andromedical products. The penis extender design is thought out specifically to solve penis curvature.

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Andropeyronie Comfort Results

You can achieve the first results in a month, and after 6-8 months, you can completely eliminate the problem.

What comes in the kit?

  • Andropeyronie +
  • Kit Accessories =
  • 1 penis extender
  • + 1 Androsupport (for Peyronie´s disease,
  • for all type of penile curvatures)
  • + 20 Andro-rod
  • + 12 Andro-tube
  • + 12 Andro-band
  • + 6 Andro-ring
  • + 1 Travel bag
  • + Instructions booklet
  • + Sexual Health e-book

How to use Andropeyronie Comfort

You can find the instruction with a penis straightening routine in the package. It consists of adoption and evolution periods. The program is very detailed, but you will most likely wear an extender for less time than recommended. The main idea for obtaining results is gradually increasing the load and wear time.

You’ll be able to wear the extender up to 4 hours a day in a few months, taking breaks every 45 minutes or an hour.

You should be aware that prolonged wear of such a device may cause discomfort, although it is considered more comfortable than most similar extenders.

More about the benefits of Andropeyronie

  • This device is lightweight and you can hide it easily under the clothing.
  • The device does not slip off your penis, and all settings are saved the way you set them initially.
  • By adhering to the usage program, which is indicated in the instruction, you can comfortably and painlessly use Andropeynie during the entire period necessary to straighten the penis.

What to wear?

You must wear the device in one direction, say one day, and turn the penis in the other direction the next day. This combination helps to achieve good results in straightening the penis, even if you have it up to 30 degrees. Usually, effective tension is up to 1000g, but you come to it gradually.

It does not matter in which direction and how much the penis is curved – Andropeyronie is a universal device that will help solve your problem as much as possible and without surgical intervention.

How to use Andropeyronie Comfort

I recommend taking a shower before penis extender use to warm up the penis. You can do Jelqing . It must be said that jelqing and pumping improve your penis straightening routine.

You should use Jelqing regularly for at least 5-15 minutes daily to get good results.

You should take Andropharma Curvature to improve your results

The main objective of Andropharma Curvature supplement pills is to give internal support inside the tissues to the external physical procedure done with penis curvature correction device .

Help to Reduce curvature and pain

The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory in the formula not only inhibit the mentioned processes of new plaque formation, but also help reduce already existing plaques of fibrosis.

Promoting circulation and metabolism

Some Andropharma Curvature ingredients (especially cinnamon) have the characteristics of promoting blood circulation of the body and metabolic processes which also elevates the body temperature and fights weariness.

How to assemble the device

You can easily assemble the device by following the official instructions. You need to measure your user size minus 4 cm from the size of your erect penis.

You can use Band aid in addition to Androring and Androcomfort, to reduce the friction that is created when wearing a loop that holds the head of the penis.

You need to increase the tension regularly, achieving the right balance in working with the penis traction. The kit contains enough bars of different sizes to add them gradually.


  • Be sure to change the penis direction when use the device
  • Take Andropenis supplements to improve the result
  • Try to warm up the penis before use and massage after use to improve blood flow
  • Use jelqing and pumping to improve results


Andropeyronie is a tried and tested high-quality device. You can wear it longer than any other device of this type.

Look at a large number of positive reviews and success stories. You can rely on Andropeyronie to ensure you don’t hurt yourself by following the instructions and your feelings during use. You’ll also see the positive changes in the penis size after use.

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