Penimaster PRO Review: FULL Guide, User Tips, and Results(Before/After)

Suppose you want to learn something new about Penimaster PRO or Penimaster Chrome. In that case, you need to look for users’ blogs or get information on forums directly from those who use the extender themselves. They can share real experiences and results and give some advice and recommendations.

I want to discuss how I bought my Penimaster PRO and its classic Chrome version. This review will be helpful to those who want to hear the user’s opinion about this penis enlargement and penis straightening device.

I do not want to speak in standard phrases from other reviews written by those who have never seen this device in their eyes.

I felt I tried, experienced, solved problems and ultimately got results. And in this review, I will tell you everything in sequence:

  1. How did I buy the device, and where
  2. How did I get to know him, and what did I learn?
  3. What features were really useful for me
  4. What routine did I use
  5. How I solved the problems that arose when using the Penimaster PRO
  6. What results have I achieved

So, on the website, you can read about all the technical specifications of Penimaster PRO devices, Penimaster Rod Extender, Penimaster Belt Extender, Penimaster Weight Extender, and Penimaster Chrome.

Look, there’s no point in overwriting the standard Penimaster PRO. An extender review should only include the user’s opinion and experience. Personal, for everyone. Moreover, I chose the device based on reviews on the forums, and I read several practical reviews from users on their blogs before ordering the device.

Do just that – be interested in what users are saying. After all, official information is one thing, and personal experience is another. Here you can see the problems. Here, you can see the goals and objectives and how to achieve the main thing – penis enlargement, straightening, and solving problems with erectile dysfunction.

How I got acquainted with the extender

Here’s my story for you:

For the first time, I accidentally learned about extenders from my friend, who found a forum discussion on the device. I became interested in this since I had a small penis, and the idea of its natural increase interested me extremely.

I don’t think it’s worth explaining why a small penis is a problem in sex life. It worried me as much as you.

Remember the main conclusion after using the Penimaster device PRO within 8 months. It’s working. It comes with additional problems with both side effects and discomfort. You need to think about it, you need to deal with it, and you need to spend your strength and your energy on using the device.

I purchased a set of extenders called Penimaster PRO Complete Set and the classic version of the device. I wanted to test what works best for me – a classic version of the device with a base to which the penis is attached and tightened with a strap. Or a new Penimaster development PRO with a special chamber that holds the penis with vacuum adhesion technology.

Understand correctly. I invested in 2 devices as I fully matured to using a device. I did not doubt that this was for me. Confidence came after reading penis enlargement forums. After all, I live independently and don’t have a permanent relationship with a girl. I work half the time online.

And yes, I wanted to change my sex life and make my penis a few inches bigger. What’s in it? I was tired of being shy in front of girls, and I was sure that penis size would play a key role in my future sex life.

I wanted to show my penis to her without embarrassment. I didn’t want to hide it and worry about her being laughed at because of my size. I had such cases, and they had a very painful effect on my self-confidence as a man.

How did I buy the device, and where

I purchased it on the website of the official Penimaster online store. Moreover, I can choose a distributor in my country. Still, I did not want to buy through intermediaries because the official purchase provides the best price and warranty for the device and several additional bonuses, such as a money-back guarantee. I also read that you can buy a fake, so it’s better to order officially. Since express delivery services sent the order, I had it in a few days.

My first acquaintance with the device

I was very impressed with the range of parts and accessories in the Penimaster package PRO. Everything was here and so conveniently packed that it could be transported and stored. Included were Rod Extender and Belt extender. The key device was the Penimaster PRO, a vacuum chamber to which you connect a bulb to create a vacuum. I was also surprised by the choice of condoms and membranes – there were a lot of them, and they were very elastic. All medical grade materials.

Separately, I want to note a set of rods – there were enough of them of different lengths, and it was clear that high-quality medical steel was used in production.

First, I started watching tutorial videos on how to assemble the extender. To be honest, it took some time. Since I had to put on a membrane and learn how to work with a vacuum. A particularly difficult moment was directly putting the vacuum chamber on the penis. It is exciting. It is connected with some experiences. But if you follow the video instructions, everything turns out exactly as it should. At first, I spent 15 minutes on it, and then I did it in a minute.

The most important thing is overcoming psychological fear and understanding that this is a German development. The device is of medical quality, certified, and safe for the user. And yet – it works for everyone, although the results may vary.

Using a belt gave many possibilities – putting it on through the belt, over the knee, and even over the shoulder. The dynamic load was manageable. I felt the tension and achieved results.

The rod design gave a slightly different experience – constant and static. The only thing that distinguishes the Penimaster PRO Rox Extender is the way of attaching the head of the penis. If Penimaster Chrome is a rigid construction where the head of the penis can rub against the belt when using the Penimaster PRO head of the penis does not come into contact with the hard parts of the extender, and you can use it longer.

I did not encounter difficulties collecting and using the extender for the first time. It was responsible and unusual, but you quickly get used to everything and increase your cravings.

What features were really useful for me

The main thing is to use the device according to the instructions. You can adjust the tension force with the belt and the rod design. At the same time, I was pleased with the presence of accessories for comfort in large quantities.

This device is extremely comfortable. The manufacturer created the Penimaster camera PRO to hold the head of the penis securely. Moreover, it is located in the chamber in a condom and a membrane, i.e., there is no direct contact of the vacuum with the mucous membrane of the head of the penis.

It is extremely comfortable and completely safe for the penis. After using Penimaster PRO, I have never had penis redness. The vacuum holds the head of the penis securely, it does not slip out, and the strength of the vacuum does not weaken over time.

It is so comfortable that you can wear the extender for several hours.

As for Rox Extender – I liked the tension screws’ precision and the ability to fine-tune the length of the rods. This is important because, based on penis technology traction in using this design, it is important to follow the rules:

  • The length of the rods should be 5 cm longer than the length of the penis in a relaxed state
  • The tension screws should be adjusted proportionally, and the settings should be the same as you expose them throughout the entire use.

At the same time, with the growth of the penis, the length of the rods must be increased, and the tension screws must be tightened more to increase the pressure. If you use one pull all the time, it may not be effective.

What routine did I use?

So, the routine begins after you get an extender, collect it, and put it on. What will she be? You can follow the recommendations in the instructions, as well as the manufacturer’s video materials, which are on the website and Youtube.

There are no special programs for using extenders. It is formed individually for each. For example, I started using the device based on the following parameters:

  1. One day I used a Penimaster PRO Rod extender, another Belt Extender
  2. I also changed the use of the tension belt – sometimes through the waist, sometimes over the shoulder or knee. I wanted to achieve diversity in use so that the load varied. I read on the forum that this is important for getting the fastest result.
  3. I used the device every day for 3-5 hours. Usually, it was in the afternoon. I took breaks between uses. For example, I could wear up to 2 hours at a time, then take an hour’s break and massage the penis to disperse the blood.
  4. The most difficult was the first day of use – I constantly checked the settings, guided by the sensations, and changed the tension to be comfortable, but I felt it.
  5. Then 2-3 weeks – I already understood how to use the device and even increased the tension.
  6. After 2 months, I managed rod lengths at Rod Extender, pulled the belt tighter, and put it on only through the belt. I already broke the membrane and a couple of condoms, but having extra ones in the kit is good.
  7. I continued to use the device daily for 8 months

So, an individual plan should be developed by you based on the official instructions, the experience of using other users, and the best practices that are used to stretch the penis.

All information is in the public domain. You only need to follow the chosen plan. For simplicity, it is best to use a calendar for routine, where you will enter the original data, measurements, and changes. All this will help you effectively track your routine and adapt it based on your results.

What problems did I have during the use of the Penimaster PRO?

The main problem is the correct use of the device. This causes problems when it comes to wearing the device for a long time outside the home. Right away, I want to say that Belt is best suited for staying away from home. Expander, as it is easy to hide under clothing and will be almost invisible.

In addition, the design of this device is so well thought out that it practically does not hinder your movements. At the same time, you must decide which type of attachment is most convenient for you. At the same time, you choose the level of belt tension. If it is too strong, you will feel discomfort.

I also experienced pain if I used the device for too long – more than 5 hours a day and with strong tension. It concerned discomfort in the head of the penis.

Using Rod Penis Extender, I needed to learn how to set the tension on the bars so that I was comfortable but could feel the tension. It always seemed to me that I needed to add rods so that their length was longer.

What results have I achieved?

So, I carefully recorded all the changes in penis size after 3 weeks of using the device. Moreover, I always changed the fastening Belt Extender and Rod extender. Therefore, I cannot say with accuracy which one is more effective. The forums recommend changing the type of fastening because changing the type of load improves the result.

My results:

1 month – penis enlargement 0.4 inches
2-3 months – penis enlargement 0.7 inches in length and 0.2 in width 3-4 months – was able to increase the penis 1 inch in length and 0.3 in width 5 months – results did not grow
6-7 months – achieved penis enlargement by 1.5 inches in length and 0.5 in width 8 months – penis enlargement by 2.4 inches in length and 0.7 in width

Final review

Penimaster PRO is the ultimate penis extender. You can always get acquainted with its properties and functionality on the official website. There is a lot of medical information there. This product is certified and recommended by many doctors.

Well-known publications in the field of urology write about him. Many practitioners advise using it. The extender is manufactured in Germany in compliance with all quality and efficiency standards. You can be sure to buy and use it. Comfort means a lot to me, and I didn’t want to put my penis at any risk, so I wanted to use the Penimaster PRO.

Unlike classic extenders, this device offers a new generation of technology, where comfort and efficiency are given special attention.

The Chrome version has a more classic format, but you can achieve results with its technologies and quality materials for comfort. You will use it longer and can set the tension more than with a standard extender. This will affect the efficiency of using the device.

About the author 

Dr. Jason Luberton

Dr. Jason Luberton specializes in low sexual drive, intimacy problems, sexual relationships, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction