Dr James Carlton MD Profile

Dr. James Carlton has worked in urology and urological surgery for many years.

He is a consultant for the Alasru website

 com and practicing medicine in New York. Dr. James Carlton received his profession at Columbia University, completing an internship. He also studied in San Francisco. In addition to his profession, Dr. Carlton also holds a master’s degree from Columbia University. He knows several languages, ​​and this helps him in his medical practice.

James Carlton is a certified member of the American Council of Urology. Today, he is also a member of the Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery Society and the American Urological Association. He believes in the success of each of his patients, who seeks to solve their problems in penis enlargement, increased erection, and potency.

Today, many men receive advice from Dr. James Carlton in the field of penis traction. He specializes in straightening the male penis and treating Peyronie’s Disease, which today affects millions of men worldwide.

Today, Dr. James is the recipient of several awards in the field of urology. He practiced at Mount Sinai 77th and York. He is on the American Board of Urology. He graduated with Bachelor’s of Williams College. You can find doctor jobs at the American College of Surgeons.

Dr. James has been awarded the Connolly Castle Top Physicians Awards, the Pfizer Scientists, and the Zocdoc Awards. The doctor’s office is located in New York.

Customer Reviews:

Yanik S.

This very caring doctor helped me solve the problem with urology while I had a choice of drugs and methods. It is obvious that Dr. James knows his job and has vast experience. Thanks to him, I quickly achieved the result.


Dr. James showed patience and care, diagnosed my problem immediately, sent me to the necessary tests, and prescribed the most benign drugs.


I can not convey the joy from having an appointment with this doctor with my problem. Everything was decided quickly, with no side effects and I could always ask questions of interest during the treatment. He always supported me!