Best Penis Pump: Journalist Chart 2023. Features and Benefits Compared

It will affect you, too, sooner or later

Do you know what the worst dream for a man is? Become impotent. And unfortunately, a dream often comes true, and an increasing number of men suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a recurring condition characterized by a violation of the quality of an erection and the inability to maintain or achieve it to the extent necessary for full-fledged sexual intercourse.

Studying the problem of erectile dysfunction, I want to give a few figures published in an article in the Medical Journal of Endocrinology. Erectile dysfunction affects 5% of men over 40 and 15% over 70.

In recent years, the problem has become younger, and it is often possible to meet men whose penis does not perform its functions properly at the age of 30, and with age, the risk of erectile dysfunction only increases.

How to solve this problem

If there is a problem, then there is a solution. Modern medicine offers several options for the treatment of erectile dysfunction:

  • oral medications
  • Urethral suppositories or injections
  • Inflatable implants or prostheses

These methods have their drawbacks and looking ahead, I will say that I will tell you below about one effective, most affordable, and safe method. This method is a real lifeline for men. But let’s be consistent first about the shortcomings of known methods.

Tablets have many side effects that cause nausea and constant headaches. In addition, they may be contraindications (if you have a weak heart, for example), and you cannot drink alcohol when taking pills.

It is recommended to take crus tablets under the supervision of a doctor. Urethral suppositories and injections are when drugs are injected into your urethra, this is a very unpleasant procedure, and you will not get off at once. Implants are already a surgical intervention, and any operation is a risk. Besides, the operation is usually very expensive, and the healing process is painful at this time (and this is more than two weeks), you need to abstain from sex.

What to do if the treatment processes cause pain or side effects? How not to drown in the ocean of erectile dysfunction? It turns out it’s very simple! Get a lifeline.


The method that, in my opinion, is the most convenient, simple, effective, and, most importantly, completely safe is the use of special devices, such as a penis pump.

A penis pump is a device that increases blood flow and improves erection and even the size of the penis. The classical air pump works due to the impact on the tissues of the penis and the negative pressure created by the vacuum.

The penis is made up of cavernous bodies. When a man is excited, the brain produces a special hormone, which stimulates blood flow, filling the cavernous bodies and increasing their size. Thus, an erection occurs.

Why a penis pump?

  • Steel erection: the pump increases blood flow and you achieve a firm erection.
  • Safety: When used correctly, the pump has no side effects.
  • Compatibility: When using a pump, you can also undergo other treatments for erectile dysfunction ( for example, taking pills such as Viagra).
  • Cost: Pumps are quite affordable, much cheaper than surgery. At first glance, it may seem that the pills are cheaper, but you buy a pump once and for all, and you have to buy more pills all the time, so that the pills will cost more.
  • It’s non-invasive: Unlike penile implantation, no incisions are required. And anyway, who likes surgery if there is another option?

The best penis pump, but which one?

There are several types of penis pumps:

  • Vacuum penis pumps
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Hydro pumps

As you may have guessed, the vacuum pump runs on air. Hydro pump – on the water. The air is pumped out of the vacuum pump to create negative pressure. You do it yourself (in the electric pump, you press the button and the process becomes automatic).

Water is pumped out of the hydro penis pump instead of air. As with air and water, the principle of negative pressure works. As a result, the penis becomes longer and increases in girth.

The air pressure is not limited. It can be too strong, which can harm the penis. Water cannot be “compressed” like air, which means water pressure is much safer for your penis. It’s more secure, in my opinion. And it is this technology that attracts the attention of bathmate penis pumps, one of the best pump manufacturers on the market.

Why Bathmate penis pumps are the best?

Unlike other penis pumps, Bathmate does not use air to create a vacuum – the entire system is water-based. This creates a much more effective, absolutely even level of pressure without any risk, allowing you to train the penis in the most relaxed state.

It gives real results. In a recent survey of penis pump users, Bathmate 70% of respondents saw an increase in penis size, 76% saw an improvement in erection, and 75% saw a real increase in self-confidence, with numbers skyrocketing after regular use for a whole month.

Bathmate has passed all the necessary clinical studies and is a medically approved device. Do you know how many hydro penis pumps have been sold, Bathmate? Over one million! And a company that values its reputation provides a 60-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like it.

In any case, pumps are effective: both vacuum and hydro, and which one to use is everyone’s personal choice but. Nevertheless, what should you pay attention to if you have never used pumps?

Choosing the best penis pump, recommendations

I have already gone through this difficult selection stage and will gladly save you time. When choosing my pump, I made a list of what to look for before buying. I am sharing it with you:

Quality certificate: let’s note right away that whatever the penis pump is, we first need to ensure it is completely safe for our health. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers care about quality and safety, and many brands of pumps have never been tested, so the number one recommendation is to choose a pump that has passed clinical trials and a quality certificate.

Result: the second thing that is undoubtedly important for us is the result! You want to get the best return on your investment when you invest in anything, especially when it’s something as intimate as a penis pump. Therefore, pay attention to reviews and user reviews of the pump you like – will the pump give you the desired result? What do users say about it? What do doctors say about her?

Size: When choosing the best penis pump, you must measure your penis and choose the correct pump size. Not all pumps are suitable for all penis sizes. To simplify such a difficult task as measuring the size of your own penis, I suggest you use the size calculator and recommendations on the Bathmate website :

Pump class: determine the type of pump: hydro or vacuum? Manual or electric? It already depends on your personal preferences (I chose a hydro penis pump ). As a result, all pumps give a result.

Materials: You must also pay attention to the materials from which the pump is made. They must be medical, which guarantees your comfort and safety.

Design: Of course, design is an important aspect: not only should it be ergonomic, but you also like it because you will use the pump every day.

Guarantees: reliable manufacturing companies value their reputation, so every self-respecting manufacturer provides a money-back guarantee. If there is no guarantee, you should not trust such a manufacturer. Remember: a poor-quality pump is a risk to the safety of your penis.

The best penis pumps, pros, and cons

Naturally, when choosing a pump, I looked at many different options, and since I have shared with you the criteria that you should pay attention to when choosing a pump, I will also share a brief overview of what I think are the best pumps on the market.

In addition to the popular series of hydro pumps from Bathmate, such as Hydro7, HydroMax, and HydroXtreme, we will also consider electric pumps  Androvacuum and Fleshlight Fleshpump.

Hydro7 review

The Hydro7 is a pump designed for beginners who have never used a penis pump. The negative pressure generated by the pump is gentler than other models, allowing your penis to feel more comfortable. The result is achieved a little longer. I think Hydro7 is the ideal choice for users who have never used such devices before.


  • Safety: balanced pressure for beginners
  • Medically Approved
  • Price: average pump price $110


  • Results are a bit slower than other pumps
  • The pump only comes in one size ( suitable for your penis if its erect length is between 5 and 7 inches and its girth is less than 6.5 inches).


These water pumps are perfect for users with experience with hydro penis pumps, have achieved initial results, and want to level up. HydroMax increases your sexual stamina. The penis becomes larger and much harder. Thanks to the stronger pressure (which is 35% more than Hydro7), results are achieved faster. In addition, this series is available in various sizes and is suitable for any penis size.


  • Increased pressure
  • Efficiency
  • Suitable for any penis size
  • Made from medical, skin-friendly materials
  • Increases sexual stamina


  • It may take about a month to achieve long-term results.
  • Results vary by person
  • No storage container


HydroXtreme is designed specifically for advanced users. This is the most powerful series of penis pumps sold by Bathmate. HydroXtreme is considered the most powerful and guaranteed to give results among hydro pumps on the market. 89% of users do not hide their delight in using this pump. But I recommend HydroXtreme for those who have already outgrown Hydro7 and HydroMax.


  • Guaranteed result.
  • Large pressure power
  • Medically Approved
  • There are different sizes


  • Not recommended for beginners
  • High price ($210 and up)
  • Results vary by person


Androvacuum is a clinically tested and medically approved vacuum electric penis pump that is top quality. The electro pump is designed as a non-invasive, safe, and effective device for erectile dysfunction due to negative air pressure (vacuum) instantly filling the penis with blood. In some cases, the use of AndroVacuum may also lead to the correction of the curvature caused by Peyronie’s disease.

Two versions of penis pumps are manual and premium (electric). In the premium version, you can use automation, which will allow you to relax during training. The pump looks nice and gives the desired result.


  • Great design
  • Long battery life (in the premium version)
  • Helps with Peyronie’s disease
  • FDA approved
  • The pump is easy to clean
  • It comes with erection rings


  • It cannot be used in water
  • Size Limit: The pump cannot accommodate penises over 9 inches long and 3.5 inches in girth.
  • Supplied without storage case


One of the best electric penis pumps on the market in its price range. If you are concerned about erectile dysfunction, sluggish erections, or premature ejaculation, this pump will help you solve the problems of your sex life. The pump is charged via USB. An excellent choice for beginners who do not have a large budget.


  • Design
  • Affordable Price: Only $105
  • Suitable for both novice and experienced user
  • Lightweight pump: less than 2 pounds


  • Not for all sizes: for penises no more than 8 inches in length and 3 in girth
  • No choice of different pressure modes
  • Over time, the battery wears out, and you have to use the pump with the charging cable included, which limits you.
  • When using it for the first time, you must assemble the pump according to the instructions. Otherwise, there is a risk of breaking the device.
  • Incompatible with water


Can a penis pump harm my penis?

Pumps are generally safe. Certified pumps cannot harm your penis if you use them according to the manufacturer’s instructions and as your healthcare professional recommends.

When can we expect the first results?

The results of a firm erection appear after the first use. When using AndroVacuum, an erection appears after 2 minutes. The hydro pump needs to be used longer (10-15 minutes), but the result remains longer.

What does the result depend on?

The result depends primarily on the regularity and duration of use of the penis pumps. It is used daily for 4-6 months, guaranteeing a stable, good result.

How do improve results?

You can improve the result by doing daily stretching exercises. Use jelqing and Kegel exercises are also a great addition. They lengthen the penis and fix the result thanks to the stretching effect. Self-massage is also recommended.

It would not be superfluous to say that bad habits slow down the effect of pumps, so it is better to abandon them. In the daily menu of a user who leads an active sex life, there should be protein-rich foods, but limiting the intake of carbohydrates and fats is recommended.

How long does it take to pump to enlarge the penis?

The results from pump training are visible almost immediately. After the first use, you will notice that your penis has become larger, but this result will be short-term. With constant daily use, the results are fixed and become durable.

Already 1-3 months of daily use can increase the length of your penis by 20%. Optimal is considered to be constant training with a pump for 4-6 months, which on average gives an increase in length by 3-7 cm. It is recommended to practice daily for 15-20 minutes per session.

What does medicine say?

The popularity of pumps could not go unnoticed by medical universities. Many doctors have researched pumps, and you can read about them online.

Medical studies (in particular in the UK) have confirmed the effectiveness of quality pumps. Pumps not only increase the size of the penis by 2 to 7 cm, but doctors recommend them in the treatment of impotence and in some cases of Peyronie’s disease.

Articles on the effectiveness of pumps can be found in well-known journals such as the Journal of the American Urological Association. Moreover, some pumps are approved by the FDA, which speaks of the proven effectiveness of the pumps. I suggest the curious get acquainted with medical research at the links below:


The best penis pumps from quality manufacturing companies really help to cope with erectile dysfunction. Long-term, daily use also increases the size and girth of the penis. Vacuum and hydro pumps are equally effective, and there is more of a choice of individual preference. I chose the hydro pump. I like using it in the bath. It’s very relaxing, but being attached to the bath/shower may be a disadvantage for some.

Pumps are actually safe compared to other treatments for erectile dysfunction. There is no need for needles, suppositories, or surgery. There are no side effects that oral drugs for erectile dysfunction leave behind. I like that I don’t have to go anywhere (attend clinics or classes) and can use my pump at home at my convenience.

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