Phallosan Forte Review: Belt and Rod Devices. Features and Results(Before/After)

How to effectively and comfortably increase the size of your penis? I think the man asking this question has already looked at many articles on the Internet on this topic and knows that extenders that work according to the penis method traction are the best solution. Let’s find out in this Phallosan Forte review.

Penis extenders help with:

  • penis lengthening
  • enlargement of the penis
  • enlargement of the glans penis
  • straightening or curvatures
  • erection improvement
  • therapeutic use

There are well-established manufacturers that are popular with users, but still, if you decide to purchase a penis extender, you need to choose one that is most effective and safe for health. And you are faced with two groups of extenders :

  • classic rod extenders
  • vacuum extenders

Phallosan Forte vs. Classic penis extenders review

The Phallosan Forte extender is a medical orthopedic device for penis enlargement and correction of its curvature. Increases the length of the penis (and its girth) without surgery at home. The extender is put on the sexual organ in a natural, calm state. Convenient fasteners provide secure fixation of the penis in the device, without the risk of pinching or any other discomfort. With the traction method, the penis gets bigger over time.

When choosing the best extender, you immediately face a choice: a vacuum extender or a classic rod? Let’s figure out how they differ and why I chose the vacuum one.

The classic penis extender consists of a plastic base ring that is attached to the base of the penis. The ring is connected by metal rods (length adjustment systems) and spring shock absorber weights. The head of the penis is fixed on a plastic platform using a silicone tourniquet or a special strap. The regulators increase the overall length of the device, which in turn stretches the penis along its growth vector. The tension force is controlled by special notches on the spring dampers.

Vacuum penis extenders, also work according to the traction method, only they work not due to the rod-regulators, which actually stretch the penis in classic extenders, but due to the vacuum and the waist belt, which controls the tension.

At the end of the vacuum, the extender is a vacuum chamber where the head of the penis is placed. The essence of the method consists in sucking the glans penis into a special chamber of a physiological form (repeating the shape of the head) and holding it there by vacuum force.

At the same time, there is practically no mechanical compression of the head and clamping of the vessels that feed the tissues of the penis head, the camera works on the principle of a suction cup.

So, why did I choose vacuum and not classic? Main reason:


I think we are all concerned about the health and safety of our penis. I will explain what is the security problem with classic extenders : it is a way to fix the head of the penis. A silicone tube (or strap) that fixes the head of the penis in a classic extender , often presses it and rubs it (to achieve a result, you need to wear the extender for 4 or more hours a day).

Redness, bruising, irritation, and even bruising are common with rod-based penis extenders. It is likely that after a few weeks of wearing a classic extender , you will have to stop, because the process will become very painful, and your penis will look like it was beaten up. Not very nice, right? There are quite a lot of photos of the consequences of wearing a classic extender on the Internet, if you are not faint of heart, you can look at them.

Vacuum penis extenders like Phallosan Forte have solved the problem of pinching the head: thanks to the vacuum flask where the head of the penis is placed, nothing pinches or rubs it. And this suggests that you can safely wear the extender daily for 6 hours or more and even put it on at night.

Regular, comfortable wearing will allow you to achieve the result you want. I think that the lack of fixation of the head of the penis with straps is an ingenious solution! And the best vacuum extender is undoubtedly Phallosan Forte.

Why choose Phallosan Forte?

Phallosan Forte is considered an orthopedic penis lengthening device. It is a certified medical device (FDA). Used to prevent or reduce erectile dysfunction. It is used by doctors during therapy, also doctors use Phallosan Forte in the treatment of curvature ( Peyronie’s disease ) of the penis.

Extender ‘s successes were reviewed in medical journals Phallosan Forte in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease. The official website has detailed studies of the extender, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with them:

Phallosan Forte uses natural stretch: gentle but constant stretch lengthens the penis. Primitive peoples used this process for a long period of time. In Africa, there are tribes that lengthen the neck, lips, earlobes, or penis by stretching the tissues.

Constant tension causes microscopic tears in the skin tissues, the body produces additional cells with which it fills micro-tears. Thus, the growth process takes place. Daily use of Phallosan Forte allows you to gently and safely enlarge your penis for several months. This method also helps to strengthen the erection: it becomes harder, which will surely please your partner.

I like that Phallosan Forte is easy to use and I have complete control over the entire stretching process.

Phallosan Forte benefits reviewed

  • Phallosan Forte acts gently and effectively
  • No side effects when following the instructions for use
  • Phallosan Forte is invisible from the outside. It can be worn outside the home
  • Can be worn for a long time thanks to the protective cap made of ultra-soft silicone.
  • It can be worn at night
  • Suitable for all penis sizes
  • Integrated suction pump and tension sensor
  • Allergen-free materials
  • Absolute confidentiality when buying and shipping, free consultations of the manufacturer

Phallosan Forte design

So that you understand what a vacuum extender is, I will briefly describe what it consists of. Visually (and functionally) Phallosan Forte is different from classic penis extenders. Your penis is protected in it along its entire length.

Spare parts:

  • Elastic waistband (equipped with a super soft foam ring) that ties around the waist adjusts with a buckle and connects to the extender ‘s suction cup with an adapter. It regulates the tension. The belt allows you to comfortably wear the extender under loose clothing.
  • Transparent (suction) domes , different sizes (S, M, L,). You will need to measure your flaccid penis using the Girth Gauge (included) to determine which dome size is right for you.
  • Cuff condom (which is worn on the front of the dome and fixes the shaft of your penis, protecting it)
  • Protective cap: elastic, soft, comfortable cap fits over the head of your penis and protects it from irritation and intense tension.
  • Thrust fork (tensioner with tension spring). Shows the degree of tension.
  • The suction ball with 3-way valve (one to attach the tension clamp, one to secure the penis inside the suction flask, and the other to block it there while you do something else).
  • An instructional DVD showing in great detail how the device is assembled, put on and used.
  • User guide.
  • Girth template.

The assembly of the device is quite simple: you determine the size of your penis using a measuring template and thus select the dome of the size you need. Then you connect the dome to the traction fork. The cuff condom is carefully placed on the profile, around the base of the dome.

The protective cap is put on the head of the penis – it should fit snugly against the skin. Insert your penis with the protective cap on into the dome and pull the cuff condom as far as possible over the penis , towards its base. Turn the green pump valve to the icon, while the head will be pulled even further into the dome and the cuff condom will fit even more tightly to your penis.

The valve is set to the lock icon to keep the micro- vacuum . Behind the belt: take it and carefully put the ring on the base of the penis. Wrap the belt around your hips, connect both eyelets, and increase the tension with the buckle. The official website has detailed video instruction on assembling and using the extender , I highly recommend watching it if you have not used such devices before. Also included is a DVD and user manual.

Doctors recommend Phallosan Forte

The extender has undergone many clinical studies that have confirmed the safety and effectiveness of the device.

In 2005, the German urological clinic tested the extender Phallosan Forte . After three months of wearing the extender, the men participating in the testing noted:

  • Growth in both penis length and girth.
  • Increased sensitivity.
  • Harder erections.
  • Enhanced sense of pleasure.
  • Reducing the curvature of the penis.

Individual results varied on how long the extender was worn during the day .

Patients who wore it 6 hours a day, 5 days a week saw an increase in length on average:

  • At 1.41 inches of a non-erect penis.
  • At 1.14 inches of an erect penis.

Patients who wore Phallosan Forte for 9 hours a day, 6 days a week, on average, received:

  • For 1.9 inches of a non-erect penis.
  • At 1.47 inches of an erect penis.

Thus, the longer you wear the extender daily, the better its effectiveness.

Medical Phallosan Forte review:

Extender Phallosan Forte is also effective in Peyronie’s disease, as well as prophylactic. According to R. Matthew Coward, M.D., FACS, Physician in Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, penile extenders such as Phallosan Forte may help correct Peyronie’s disease.

He says that “the best time to offer an extender to patients is when the penile deformity is noted and Peyronie’s disease is diagnosed .”

Because penile extenders help reshape scar tissue, the device can improve penile function and length in people with penile shortening or curvature resulting from Peyronie’s disease .

Frequently asked Questions

  • How much can I enlarge my penis?

The increase depends on the individual characteristics of the penis, as well as the length of time of use. The best result from a clinical study was a penis enlargement of 1.9 inches in 6 months of use.

Will the enlarged penis stay the same, or will it shrink again over time?

They recommended using the extender for another 4-6 weeks after reaching your personal goal. Thanks to this, the results will last a lifetime.

Do I have to retract the foreskin before putting on the protective cap?

You don’t have to retract the foreskin. Many users find it more convenient to place a protective cap over the foreskin.

Can I straighten my penis without lengthening it?

Straightening the penis with Phallosan Forte is generally impossible without lengthening and increasing it simultaneously.

Do I need to take a rest while wearing an extender ?

No. You don’t need to take breaks because the penis is not made of muscle tissue. For fast results, daily wear is recommended for 8-10 hours.

Can the belt be washed?

It can be washed by hand at 30°C. All components in contact with the skin are certified as free of harmful substances in accordance. The foam lining and textile waistband have been tested, can be opened with Velcro fasteners, and all parts can be washed separately. All parts of the extender should be cleaned regularly.

You are keeping up with the times: the app for your penis!

Yes, yes, Phallosan Forte has released its app for smartphones. The app allows you to get even more immersed in the control of your penis growth and makes your activities more fun.

Application features:

  • out of your workouts with personalized training: based on your training goals, the Phallosan app Forte creates your individual training plan.
  • The app reminds you when it’s time to put on your Phallosan Forte
  • Full control and motivation: The application considers your daily wearing time and the duration of your workouts. At any time, get statistics from the application that will show your classes’ progress.
  • Always know for sure: In the app, you will get valuable tips and tricks related to the penis enlarger, as well as learn about new products, special offers, and service numbers if you ever need help.
  • Free and easy: The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Playstore .
  • Menu navigation is intuitive and almost self-explanatory.

The application will become your daily companion during classes with the extender .

Publications in medical journals, quality certificates

About Phallosan Forte has written for such German and international periodicals as Bild , Medical Tribune, Men’s Health, Manner Magazine. The extender was widely covered on television: on the 1st channel of the German television (ARD) ” Brisant ” there was a program dedicated to the effectiveness of the Phallosan Forte .

You can read more about press and TV coverage here:

Phallosan Forte is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). During the entire existence of the company, there have been no lawsuits against the company, which means that customers are satisfied with the results and the quality of the product.

Why I chose Phallosan Forte : quality, results, safety

Phallosan Forte is the world’s only patented orthopedic belt system with a revolutionary vacuum protector technology – for the fastest effect of penis enlargement or straightening, which will help you achieve a greater quality of life and independence: you will be satisfied with the size of your penis and its erection, it will make you more confident in yourself, and your partner will get the most out of sexual intimacy with you.

The German company Phallosan has been on the market for more than 16 years, and it has proven itself with the highest quality of its products.

Phallosan is:

  • A company with many years of experience
  • Professionalism
  • German quality

The extender is made only from high-quality medical materials and therefore is safe for health. Phallosan design Forte is unique and will fit any penis size. The device is as comfortable as possible, it can be worn in public places and put on during sleep (the maximum recommended wearing time is up to 12 hours, which probably no other manufacturer can boast of).

Final review

Phallosan Forte quickly gained popularity among users: look at the number of articles in magazines about this extender. This extender has become the number-one choice among journalists and bloggers, but what struck me the most is that doctors recommend this certified medical device. In addition to a significant increase in the length and girth of the penis, Phallosan Forte perfectly helps with Peyronie’s disease, perhaps this is the best alternative to surgery, and some doctors have long prescribed wearing this extender for Peyronie’s disease instead of surgery .

The manufacturing company inspires great confidence: German quality, professional staff, many years of experience. Phallosan Forte is sold in pharmacies in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, which in my opinion, is a sign that this product has been properly tested and approved at the highest level.

The main emphasis is on balance: the right tension force ensures safe wearing and gives the desired result. You do not feel any discomfort and pain. Phallosan demonstrates that the comfort and health of the consumer is always in the first place.

About the author 

Dr. Jason Luberton

Dr. Jason Luberton specializes in low sexual drive, intimacy problems, sexual relationships, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction