How to Assemble and Use Quick Extender Pro. User Manual/Instruction (Pics/Video)

Official vs. User Instruction

To use Quick Extender Pro, you can just read the official instructions. Everything is detailed there, but unfortunately, not everything is clear. I encountered this when I first purchased this penis extender. I had a DVD in the kit. I also found a PDF file with a photo and a description of how to wear the device on this page

And all the same, it is incomprehensible. First, it was not obvious, and I had to do a lot at random. I do not understand why there is no official video of the actual use of the device.

That is why I filmed mine, where I told how to assemble and use this extender from the user’s side. This is important since many points are not covered in the official instructions.

I made a photo shoot to clarify how it all looks. This article will contain photos, text, and even video instructions. Once again – I will show both official and user moments so you can understand as much as possible.

Know that it is difficult only at first, then you will quickly assemble and put on the device without any problems.

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Quick Extender Pro Packages

First, choosing a Quick Extender Pro package that suits you in terms of price and content is important. There are 4 of them in total. They differ in the quantity and quality of accessories and the purpose extender.

It is very important to choose the right package. For example, the standard includes a minimum number of accessories and springs with a capacity of 3000 gr.

They are enough:



The more expensive package includes 3500 gr springs and more accessories at once.

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I will say right away – the more accessories, the better. So it would be best to have silicone tubes, spare springs, and more padding for comfort.

The maximum package(DELUXE LIMITED) also includes a penis pump. I use it regularly and daily. Stretching helps to speed up the result.

The penis straightening package includes a maximum of accessories for this purpose. It has nothing special – just a set of the same accessories and powerful springs.

Bried Quick Extender Pro facts:

  • Unique features: DSS system(Double Strap Support), 3000-4000g tensions Springs, Memory Comfort Pads, Lightweight
  • Results: 3 months + 0,7 inches, 6 months + 2 inches, 8-12 months +3 inches
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  • Made in: USA
  • Money-back: 180 days
  • Benefits: penis enlargement, penis straightening, erection enhancement
  • Shipping: Worldwide
  • Support: toll-free (UK, Canada, USA, UK)
  • Packages: 4 packages are available
  • Prices: $119-$349
  • Official site:

How to Use Quick Extender Pro (step by step)

Step 3 how to use quick extender pro

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STep2 how to use Quick Extender Pro

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QUick Extender Pro How to use

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Step 1. Measurement of the penis. You need to know the length of your penis to adjust the length of the rods further. This is very important since the configuration of the device for you depends on it

Step 2. The initial length of the device assembly is 9 cm or 3.6 inches. This is before the moment when you wind any rods. Keep this in mind as you will need to set the length of the rods to +4(1.6 inches) cm to the length of your relaxed penis.

Step 3. We wind the rods. You will have 3 types of rods in the kit – long ( 1.6 inches or 4 cm), medium (0.8 inches or 2 cm), and small (0.2 inches or 0.5 cm). Some packages have extra small ones ( 0.1 inches or 0.3 cm). You can combine 4 small ones and get the length of one medium. 2 medium is one long. Do all the necessary calculations to choose the total length of the device according to the length of your penis.

Step 4. You can use Foam for Silicone tubes, Comfort, or Memory Comfort Foam pads. If you have a Standard Deluxe package, you will have included Memory Foam Pads, the best comfortable pads. They remember the most comfortable position for you when wearing them, so I highly recommend using them. They give the greatest comfort. They are very soft and pleasant to the body. When I wear an extender, they can be worn much longer than usual and to the maximum.

Step 5. When you have assembled the extender, set the length of the rods, and installed the silicone loops with Foam Pads, you are ready to put on your device. I still recommend reaching the size of the penis, the state of being half aroused. If your penis is too small in a relaxed state, it will simply be difficult for you to put it on.

Step 6. Please buy a Band-Aid patch, preferably with Velcro, to secure it to the penis. It is obligatory to use it because when the device is used for a long time, the head of the penis rubs against the silicone loop worn in the Comfort pad. However, it can still cause pain. If you put on a band-aid, you may feel more comfortable.

Cut the patch to the desired length and wind it around the penis so that the part of the penis where the silicone loops will be pulled onto the penis is wrapped. Remember the Quick Extender Pro double-strap support system, which helps the penis not slip out of the device.

Also, such a system distributes the weight of the device. It will have 2 points of contact and device support. This means it will be easier to wear. Also, forget bacterial infections that often occur when wearing extenders with one loop and without Memory Foam pads. These pads are breathable, and bacteria do not accumulate under them.

Step 7. If you have already wrapped your penis so that your penis head is exposed and the wrap is in contact with the silicone loop in Comfort Pad, the extender length is set, and your penis is semi-erect – you are ready to put on the device.

For the first time, I recommend using only one loop to get used to and get the hang of putting the device on. Just insert a loop with Comfort Pad and form a ring where the penis will enter. With one hand, hold the penis, and with the other hand, help to slip it into the loop and tighten it in front of the head.

To do this, you must first compress the springs completely. When you have inserted your penis into the extender, gently tighten the loop with one hand so that the penis is securely fastened and the skin of the penis does not fall under the loop.

Step 8. Decompress the springs, they will decompress, and they will be set at a level that will allow you to stretch the tissues of the penis effectively.

Step 9. Check that you do not tighten the loops too much and that you are comfortable. Also, pay attention to the resulting traction – it should be felt, but be comfortable.

Step 10. In the first use of the penis, see that the use time does not exceed 1 hour. After that, you must remove the penis from the device and massage it to disperse the blood. Remember – by tightening the penis, you reduce blood circulation to the head of the penis. Make sure she doesn’t turn blue. If this happens, open the loop and press the head with your thumb – it will immediately turn pink, and blood will begin to flow to the head again.

Step 11. Try to use an extender for the first few days, 1-2 hours a day, with breaks to keep you comfortable. Your penis will begin to adjust. You can already start using the second loop because it will improve the device’s quality and allow you to wear it longer.

Step 12. You need to practice putting on the extender so as not to pinch the skin of the penis and not to create excessive pressure. Everything should be gradual, and no pain should occur. This needs to be stopped right away.

Step 13: Stick to the wearing plan. Write down your results, feelings, and measurements, do not break the wearing schedule.

Step 14. Incorporate Jelqing, Kegels, and a penis pump into your routine. If you want, you can buy the pump separately, and then it is better to choose Bathmate. This is a hydraulic pump, and its use is as efficient and safe as possible.

Step 15. You can increase or decrease the еуышщт by removing or putting on the barbell and turning the tension screws. They are needed to quickly control the tension and allow you to set it very accurately when you need to strengthen it or when you need to reduce it without removing the device and disassembling it. Very comfortably.

Step 16. In the process of wearing, decide how you want to wear the extender – in which direction – up or down, which is more convenient for you. Also, choose comfortable clothes for yourself so that they are relaxed and not tight.

Step 17. Start working with the Quick Extender Pro at home. Later, you can start wearing the extender outside the home. Yes, you can ride with it in the car, go to work and do your usual activities outside the home besides sports.

Useful Tips

If the ends of the silicone loop interfere with you, you can cut them off so that they do not interfere. At the same time, leave some length to tighten the silicone loop around the penis. Some men use only one loop, which is less effective and less comfortable.

In addition, you don’t need such a frequent problem as penis protrusion. It only takes your time. The whole routine will be in vain if your penis slips unnoticed from the structure. You will not need to check if all the settings are in place if there is a second tightened loop. You will always be calm.

There are many programs for wearing the device. They are on the forums. If a lot of advice on how to wear the device effectively. At the same time, all these tips are user experience.

Choose a comfortable and effective routine for yourself with Quick Extender Pro.

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