My 45-Day Male Enhancement Challange: Supplements, Creams, Penis pumps

I am already 40 years old, and my erection is getting weaker. It isn’t very good at all. I’m not ready for it, I don’t want it, and I consider myself young. The most interesting thing is that I run my own male enhancement Youtube channel. Here is the paradox. Now what? I decided to use my knowledge in this field to succeed in improving my own erection in 45 days.

That’s how many days are left before my ski resort holiday, where I must have many sex and experiences. I looked forward to this holiday all year but did not expect to lose my erection quality. This is my last chance this year, and I’m using it. I have purpose, stimulus, necessity, and all means achievement goals. Why not?

This is a real erection improvement challenge. It inspires me, and I like the format when I am not alone. I will share it with you. I have plenty of incentives. And most importantly, I will feel more confident with girls during dating and sex. I’ll be a real athlete on the board, liberated.

I want to be confident in my masculine strength. I do not feel any pleasure in life if it is not there. And I will naturally achieve my goal without doctors and medicines.

Why not? I know so much about herbal male enhancement supplements, creams, and penis pumps. Now I need not just to try or review – but enter the mode of daily use.

What if I try everything at once? Will I make a program for every day and try to use everything to the maximum? To start, I must:

  • Have a normal sleep schedule
  • Start eating right
  • Exercise regularly
  • To refuse bad habits
  • What’s next?
  • I need stimulants:
  • I will take male enhancement pills
  • I will use erection creams
  • Penis pump
  • Jelqing techniques
  • I will eat right
  • I will work on yoga
  • I will get rid of bad habits and improve my sleep patterns

So, I will try not one product in the category but several. In 1.5 months, I want to take 5 different pills, use 3 other penis creams, 3 different pumps, and different Jelqing techniques.

Let’s see what I can do. First, I will keep my video diary and discuss everything happening. Of course, not every day, but I will highlight the key days in this video.

I want to restore my erection naturally and not need additional sex enhancers. We are talking about a natural disposal of erectile problems. I don’t want to constantly take pills, use creams, penis pumps, or Jelqing exercises. I’m sure I ‘ll have to, but I want to try.

At the same time, I definitely no longer want to smoke, drink alcohol and disappear at night in clubs. Instead, I want more health and sports, yoga, sex, and travel.

So this video will:

  1. My plan for getting rid of erection problems
  2. Description of the products I used
  3. My change diary
  4. My results

Watch this video until the end. I did not expect such a result or a way to achieve it. I was hoping you could find out the truth about natural erection enhancement methods in one video.

So all I need is a good plan and a comprehensive approach. After all, with only sex enhancers alone, I will not be able to achieve the goal and a permanent result.

My detailed plan

Proper nutrition

More foods containing zinc, more protein. I bought nuts, white fish, cottage cheese, vegetables and fruits, honey, bell peppers, citrus fruits, and apples. I make myself porridge and rice and season them with honey and nuts. I stew and bake more if the meat is a good steak.


No alcohol and coffee. I started drinking herbal teas and making dried fruit compote.


Now I go to the gym regularly, 2 times a week, and 2 more times, I run around the house territory and ride a bike.

Daily regime

It became more predictable and correct by my biological clock. I like to get up early and go to bed early.

Bad habits

Fast food, alcohol, and smoking. It’s finished.

Psychological condition

I began to read books, use fewer social networks and do more housework. I started to learn yoga. I am a bachelor, and I have a lot of things to do. Instead of Nintendo Switch games that consumed my emotions, I switched to quiet romantic comedies for the night. I want to force my brain to relax and limit social networks. I want to recharge emotionally.

My favorite exercises in Yoga today are Bridge Pose, Bound Ankle Pose, Plank Pose, Four-Limbed Staff Pose, Upward-Facing Dog

Natural products

I have bought the best natural male enhancement pills. I have Male Extra, ExtenZe, VigRx Plus, Prosolution Plus, Max Performer. I decided to try different ones every week.

Penis Pumping

Well, how about penis pump usage. I have several: Bathmates HydroXtreme7, Androvacuum Premium, Penomet, and a manual air penis pump.

I know how to use them and have even made a few videos about them. It’s just that I wasn’t on the regimen, and now it’s a daily pumping. I tried different ones, and they all positively affected my erection size. But I wanted something else – I wanted a permanent result. And Bathmate did the job best.


These techniques help to train your penis for a hard erection, blood circulation, and endurance. They can also increase penis size with continued use. In any case, this is the best fit for your penis. There are a lot of techniques on Youtube and Forums.

Penis creams

I have 3 – Male Extra, Prosolution Gel, VigRx oil

Why did I decide to use everything at once? Because an erection problem has many causes, rarely just one. At the same time, it is necessary to influence the problem comprehensively, not forgetting our lifestyle, nutrition, and microelements. And I want fast results.

I believe I have everything for this – knowledge in this area and the right products. Yet, I want to change everything and get rid of the problem. I wonder which method works better, or only if all at once? What if it is enough to take male enhancement pills, creams, pumps, or Jelqing?

Erection ring

I have 3 of them that I bought on the official Bathmate website. I use them to keep an erection for a long time after pumping or using a cream. Sometimes I feel an erection after using Jelqing.

Bought them from the Bathmate website, along with the pump and HydroVibe. This prefix helps a lot during pumping – it accelerates the blood and gives more pleasure.

Its time to begin

Day 1 – excellent mood. I start my day the right way and plan to end it right. My diet is made up. The training plan is ready. I keep a diary, write down my results and feelings, and make comments.

Evening summary: before going to bed, I want to say that I am inspired by the results to come. I am determined not to give up and follow the plan. I am inspired by what I am doing now.


  1. I started taking VigRx Plus pills
  2. I use the penis pump once a day for 15 minutes
  3. I apply the cream daily to get an erection before sex or masturbation.
  4. Jelking exercises take about 20 minutes.
  5. Immediately after an erection, I use a penis ring to train my erection to last longer and not fall off.

My feelings

I already feel a strong erection after penis pumping and the male enhancement cream usage. The result is fast, and the erection can last long if you use a penis ring. I have several at once and alternate them to understand which works best. Prolonged masturbation and an intense orgasm are my first results.

First 2 weeks

I stick to my plan quite well. It’s not difficult for me, I don’t forget, and I’m not lazy to carry out the points of the plan I have drawn up myself. But, of course, there are times in life when you are not up to all this. But I manage.


Some days I can’t do penis pumping – of fatigue and lack of desire. Sometimes, I get sick and refuse to take male enhancement pills or use erection creams. Sometimes I don’t feel like it. So yes, these are all passes. Keep in mind that there may be a lot of them. But then I try to rehabilitate myself and catch up quickly. Sometimes I intensify training in the gym. I am more actively involved in pumping.

A penis ring is put on during sex to delay ejaculation and maintain an erection. My plan does not change and will be original.

My feelings

During the first two weeks, I noticed that my erection was getting stronger. I was definitely doing everything right, so I began to feel stronger sexually. This also applies to arousal and erection duration. My last sex was much more convincing for my new girlfriend and me. We had sex for almost 30 minutes, and the erection was hard enough. I got it quickly, and did not let me down, practically.

15-30 day

I stuck to the plan, met with friends, and I still had to drink alcohol, take long walks and have fun at the disco. Hence, staying up late, but if you deviate from your routine, meal plan, or daily routine – it will not make much of an impact if it is not systematic. So I calm myself down. Of course, we are not perfect, but we must not change ourselves and be devoted to the idea.

My results:

It’s not just a feeling anymore. These are the real results:

  • – an erection occurs faster
  • – lasts longer
  • – the quality of erection is much better
  • – sexual desire arises spontaneously

30-45 days

So, I don’t deviate from the plan as much as I can. There were several days off since I was leaving on a business trip, and for 3 days, I did not follow any diet, training, or pumping. The only thing is that I took male enhancement pills, and when I planned to have sex, I used an erection cream since it fits compactly in my pocket.

First of all, I felt confident in my men’s forces. I didn’t feel a lack of erection power, I wanted to have sex again and again, and it was the best sex in years.

Regularity in following a routine is what has become the key to my victory. I have reached it. In about 45 days, I was able to improve my erection significantly. My penis is now firm, and the erection does not subside during intercourse.

I was halfway there. It wasn’t 100% successful, but trust me, you’ll move on with renewed vigor when you feel the change. I’m ready to stick with the plan for another month or two or three. Everything depends on the results. When they are so fast, it is inspiring.

I was not sure that I would see at least something in 45 days, and now I have a new erection and a new sex life, where I can relax during sex and have fun and not think that my penis will soon become lethargic.

My general observations on the use of sexual health products.

Male enhancement pills – I alternated all 5 brands I discussed at the beginning. I can’t say that some showed a quick result. Instead, it is a matter of trust – it is more to VigRx Plus since the formula is considered strong. But I need to take them for at least 3 months to judge the result.

Prosolution Gel suits me best. It seems the most effective, invisible, and has no taste or color. It is quickly absorbed into the skin, and the erection becomes maximum.

Penis pumps – tried air pumps and even Penomet hydro pump. At the same time, Bathmate is the most effective and comfortable for solving erection problems. Hydropumping technology is effective and safe. I tested it myself.

Some girls are initially confused by the fact that I use a penis ring. But later, they even like it, additional stimulation, new sensations. It is perfect.

Penis exercises

They had an extraordinary effect. It took time to study and practice, but after 2 weeks, I did the exercises well. They perfectly dispersed the blood, and I felt the strengthening of the erection. Often reached it during the use of exercises.

Yoga is a time to think about yourself, focus on the mind, and learn to relax and stretch. How important is that? Now I practice almost every day. It helps to collect thoughts, relax and balance.

Sometimes I sign up for a massage after training. Your muscles will relax and recover better.


Surely you can use just 2 products from my list and combine them. For example, pumps and pills, creams and exercises, and pumping.

But here’s a sports regimen, diet, daily routine – all this must be observed at any time. Lose weight, build muscle, and get healthier. I realized that my overall health directly affects my erection.

What I liked about my program was that the male enhancement methods did not intersect but complemented each other. And the effect was fast, most likely due to the intensive program I used constantly.

My results

You can’t even imagine how busy those 45 days were. I liked it so much, honestly. Although my regimen was regular, there was always something new going on. I never got bored, trust me. And most importantly, I had as much strength as ever. My erection is restored, and I want to make this challenge my life cycle. It will probably not be possible to include everything from my list in a permanent mode, but I will leave a lot and develop my result. I can already have sex many times and longer, and my erection allows me to satisfy my girlfriend.

I had a nice vacation in the mountains, how I love it – night dances near the jeep with DJ equipment in a slight frost. And then we warmed ourselves with my girlfriend under blankets in a cozy cafe. Everything was fine, and my little friend did not let me down.

I set new goals – penis enlargement, increased ejaculation, and getting rid of premature ejaculation. I also achieved success psychologically. I no longer tormented myself with thoughts during sex that I would be unable to maintain an erection for a long time or would not recover from the first ejaculation and continue sexual intercourse. Subscribe to my channel, and you can follow it. Like this video if you like my challenge.

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