Best Water Penis Pumps: User Comparison and Review(TOP-5)

“Many men are ridden with insecurities regarding their appearance and physical capabilities. However, few admit to being concerned about insufficient penis size.”

Against this background, men can develop serious psychological and sexual issues, negatively affecting intimate life quality.

Nowadays, there is a huge variety of ways to enlarge the penis:

  • Herbal male enlargement supplements
  • Training techniques for the intimate muscles
  • Penis extenders
  • Penis pumps(Bathmate or Penomet)
  • Plastic surgery (Not recommended)
Quick note
However, the most effective method to enlarge the penis is using a penis pumpLet’s see which penis pump is better by comparing the top products on the market
TOP-5 Penis Pumps in 2023

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#1. Bathmate Hydromax(3,5,7,9)

Hydromax Rank: #1
Benefits: 92% of customers satisfied, better erection and bigger penis
Approved by: Aspen Clinical Research, certified by “Skin Safe”
Manufacturer: DX Products Ltd (United Kingdom)
Hydromax3 – $129(up to 3″),
Hydromax5 – $139 (3-5″),
Hydromax7 – $159(5-7″),
Hydromax9 – $199(9-11″),
7 WideBoy – $179(6.5″ girth)

Official site:

Why Choose Hydromax?

Let’s indicate 3 main reasons why more and more men opt for the Bathmate(the best water penis pump):

  • Ease of use and short duration of one session. It’s sufficient to spend only 15 minutes per day on the penis pumping: 15 minutes in the morning and as much in the evening. There is no need to use any additional devices; the dick pump alone is enough to obtain a positive result;
  • Utilizing the Hydromax hydro pump, the man achieves a bigger penis length and girth. The pumping normalizes sexual functioning and eliminates the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Also, the user experiences pleasant sensations and sexual arousal during pumping;
  • Using a Bathmate Hydromax water pump, you obtain a visible effect after 14-30 days. However, this is only the first stage. You should complete a full 6-month course for maximum, long-lasting results. Click here to learn more about Hydromax’s effectiveness.

Bathmate Hydromax Results

Clinical fact
You will notice the first positive results right after the first pumping session. Your erection will be more powerful than usual and your sexual sensation will improve dramatically.

You can find hundreds of Hydromax reviews on male enhancement forums.

Hydromax Key Features:

  • You can use Hydromax in a shower or bath
  • Amazing power and comfort(redesigned bellows system)
  • Really easy to use and attach
  • The absence of side effects
  • Penis pump sizes from 3 to 9 inches

Where to Buy Hydromax?

There is only one official website, where you are able to purchase Bathmate Hydromax pumps, please visit

Here are the prices according to the pump size:

Here’s why it’s recommended to buy Hydromax officially:

  • You can choose the pump according to your penis size
  • You get a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 3-year warranty
  • You can be sure you buy a genuine pump from the manufacturer
  • You can buy any additional accessories
 Order Hydromax
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#2. HydroXtreme

HydroXtreme Rank: #2
Benefits: powerful manual pumping, fast results, full control over the pumping process
Manufacturer: DX Products Ltd (UK)
Hydroxtreme5 – $249(up to 5″),
Hydroxtreme7 – $299(5-7″),
Hydroxttrem7 WideBoy – $319(6.5″ girth)
Hydroxtreme9 – $319(7-9″),
Hydroxtreme11 – $399(over 9″),

Official site:

Why Choose HydroXtreme?

Unlike other pumps, the HydroXtreme pump includes a handball to improve the pressure manually and achieve incredible results.

This pump is really safe and effective in treating erectile dysfunction and increase penis size in the shortest time possible.

You can you this pump in the automatic mode like Hydromax, but once you feel you need to go further, just connect the handball using the hose.

Once you assemble the pump it becomes the most powerful erection enhancement device on the planet.

HydroXtreme Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use handball for maximum pressure and results
  • A range of pumps and sizes (3-11 inches)
  • Automatic and manual modes
  • The most powerful and safe penis pump on the market
  • Air and hydro penis pumping

It’s more expensive but it’s worth its money, trust me! It’s all about the results and product safety. Choose the pump according to your penis size.

However, it would help if you were cautious with this device because you need to control the pressure manually, so you have to be an advanced user to connect the handball.

#3. Hydro7

Why Choose Hydro7?

This is the first Bathmate penis pump that is still effective and safe. It helps to make your penis-pumping workouts gentle and improve your results day by day. This is the best choice for the beginner. It’s cheap($110), it helps to feel the power of pumping and it’s guaranteed to work.

It will be suitable for men with a penis size of 5-7 inches. If you read male enhancement forums, you can find out that Hydro7 is a great choice for men, that look for a premium hydro penis pump.

You can improve the results using simple jelqing techniques. Order Hydro7 if you did not try penis pumping before, you won’t be sorry.

It’s made by a reputable company(DX Products) in the UK and the device is certified. Hydro7 is made of quality medical materials, and a 60-day money-back guarantee is applied to the order.

Hydro7 Key Features

  • The world’s first water-based penis pump
  • The most affordable and quality device
  • Certified Skin-safe
  • Erection improvement results or money back

#4. Penomet

Rank: #4
Success rate: 87%
# of customers:450 000

Benefits: penis enhancement, erection enhancement, sexual power and desire
Manufacturer: Arctic Sea Limited(Iceland)
Certificates: CE Marking, SGS Certifications
Min results: 1 inch in length / +10% in girth(60 days)
Max results: 3 inches in length/ 30% in girth (360 days)
Warranty: Lifetime(gaiter system)
International Shipping: Available
Money back: No
Prices:  Penomet Standard package – $127, Extra – $197, Premium
Official site:

Why Choose Penomet?

  1. A high degree of effectiveness and safety. Interacting with the surface of the penis, water minimizes the likelihood of injury. The results of extensive clinical and laboratory tests confirm the safety and effectiveness of the Penomet device;
  2. Penomet helps to get permanent results: increase your penis size, by 30%, delay your ejaculation time, treat Peyronie’s disease, improve your sexual stamina and boost your self-confidence.
  3. Penomet is unique, it offers  5 interchangeable gaiters to improve the pressure of the device. You will be able to get faster results by using additional gaiters.

Penomet Key Features

  • Uses a unique interchangeable Gaiter System
  • Award-winning product(Venus Awards)
  • 10 years of life-testing
  • Lifetime gaiter system warranty, 60-day money back
  • Can be used as an air or hydro pump

#5. AndroVacuum Platinum Pump (ED)

Everything is simpler with the AndroVacuum electronic pump. Never apply the device in water, as this will damage the electric mechanism and render it unusable.

AndroVacuum is intended for dry use only and helps to increase your erection without any male enhancement effect. But this device is FDA-approved, so you can be sure you buy a premium product.

How to Choose the Best Penis Pump?

Bathmate Series


Model Penis Size (inches) Price range Penis growth
Hydro 7 5-7 $110 1 – 2 inches
Hydromax (3, 5,7,9) 3 – 9 $129-199 1 – 3 inches
Hydromax 7 Wide Boy 5-7 girth $179-$399 1 – 3 inches
HydroXtreme 3-11 $249 -$399 1 – 3.5 inches
Hydro Xtreme 7 Wide Boy 5-7 girth $329 1 – 3.5 inches

Let’s outline the list of the basic criteria to which it’s necessary to pay attention when purchasing a penis pump:

  • The type of pump: water-based (hydro) or vacuum. Vacuum pumps help to increase your erection only. Water pumps improve your penis size and erection as well. You can visit Bathmate or Penomet official stores and choose the most appropriate penis  pump for yourself
  • Regardless of the type of pump, pay attention to medical recommendations.
  • The quality of the material is of no small importance for an effective and safe impact on the issue. According to experts, you should opt for devices made of high-quality medical materials.
  • Positive user feedback is the most reliable confirmation of the pump’s effective and safe impact on the common male intimate problem. Bathmate is the most discussed male enhancement pump on forums
  • The price of the device. It’s impossible to give universal advice in this regard because the prices vary greatly. The Bathmate prices range from $110 to $399. Penomet prices range from $127-$297
  • With some pumps, you have to select a suitable model depending on the size of your penis. Some universal models suit all men without exception.

Compare the Best Vacuum vs. Hydro Penis Pumps

All modern penis pumps are divided into two large categories:

  1. Vacuum devices to be used in the bedroom and helps to rid of ED;
  2. Hydro penis pumps are designed for operation in an aquatic environment (while taking a bath or showering) and help to enlarge penis by 1-3 inches

The best ED penis pumps are Bathmate and PenometThousands of users around the world have experienced an effective and safe impact of these devices.

An important distinction between Bathmate and Penomet is that the first device has a removable gaiter.

Users can also purchase inflating elements and connect them to the working chamber.

The available gaiters differ in density, which allows the man to adjust the pressure easily.

How to Use Water Pumps?
  1. The proper way to use a penis pump depends on the device type.
  2. With Bathmate and Penomet’s best hydro penis pumps, you must let your penis sit in warm water for 5 minutes before pumping.
  3. Fill the working chamber with water and insert the penis. The excessive water will run out of the working chamber, and the remaining liquid will soften the pressure during the pumping session, gradually oozing out through the upper valve.

Safety of Vacuum and Water Devices

Hydro-pumps used in an aquatic environment feature a higher degree of safety. The liquid softens the pressure, ensuring an elastic effect on the surface and structure of the penis.

Bathmate is the best tool to rid of erectile dysfunction and enlarge your penis without any efforts.

Quick note
Vacuum pumps are also quite safe; however, if misused, they may entail negative side effects, such as bruises, scratches, irritation, etc.

Water pumps are based on the same principle of operation.

The pressure improves blood circulation in the penis, which strengthens the erection and stretches the cavernous tissues of the genital organ.

As a result, there’s a gradual increase in the size of the penis and an improvement of its sexual functioning.

If you’re a beginner, it’s recommended to choose the Bathmate pump, which is easier to use, than Penomet.

Where to Buy the Best Penis Pump?

The only place to buy a quality, an effective and safe penis pump is the manufacturer’s official website.

Are you tired of the monotonous and boring sex life? Do you think the size of your penis prevents you from achieving the desired heights in the bedroom? It’s time to consider resorting to the effective method of pumping using Bathmate.

All pumps are divided into two large categories: water and vacuum. Vacuum models come in electronic and mechanical (manual) varieties.

Clinical fact
Remember – there is no penis enlargement effect after using the pumps. You can rid of Erectile Dysfunction only.

If you want to improve your erections and enlarge the penis simultaneously, you must use a water pump, Bathmate or Penomet.

There are only two water-based pumps on the market that men trust – Bathmate and Penomet. Both pumps show the first erection enhancement results after the first usage.

The prices of different devices directly depend on the type of working mechanism employed and the manufacturer:

  • Check Bathmate pumps pricing
  • Check Penomet pumps pricing

Vacuum and water pumps are a reliable way to change your intimate life for the better once and all.

Remember that excellent sex is the foundation of every strong and long-lasting romantic relationship.

You can start your penis enhancement strategy by learning about these products:

  • Bathmate (18 000 forum reviews found)
  • Penomet (1500 forum reviews available)

Learn more information about penis pumps here  – urologicalcare.

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